Dein Spriggs
2005, 2006 CKG BILLINGS


Stats: 397 Wins

Earnings: $855,000

Business side of Career: Real Estate Consultant

Personal: Dein comes second generation, as his father William “Bill” Spriggs was a driver as well as brother Steve.

Racing Career: Dein drove in his first race at a county fair in Pennsylvania in 1975 “Merl Vollo”. In the late 1970’s Dein drove horses for his father. After that Dein took a sabbatical until 1998.

Favorite Horse: Horby Hunter, Racy Star

Biggest Racing Thrill: Winning the 2005 CKG Billings Gold Cup and sharing the thrill with my parents, daughter, brothers and close family friends. It is a memory that will never leave me.

Countries Driven: Germany, Italy, Spain, Canada.