Joe Pennacchio

1996 CKG Billings
Gold Cup Champion

Stats: 139 Wins
Earnings: $539,000


Business side of Career: Let's see...merchandising guru, textile executive...entrepreneur par excellance...

Joe Pennacchio has spent his life building sales and turning companies suffering losses in to winners--thriving winners!

Racing Career: Pennacchio was a fan of the sport up New York way--Yonkers and Roosevelt Raceway--back in the 1960's and bought his first horse in the late 1980's. "I decided to get my 'foot' wet and owning a horse was one of the greatest and most enjoyable experiences of my I decided to get BOTH feet wet by trying my hand at driving.

Favorite Horse: Fox Valley Trump

Biggest Racing Thrill: Driving “Fox Valley Trump” at the famed Delaware, Ohio Fairgrounds," Pennacchio recalled, "and it was one of the most exciting things that has ever happened to me in my life...40,000 people surrounding every available inch around the track. It was an amazing moment."

"The thrill of competing is one of ecstasy. The thrill of winning, well, it is a thrill that cannot be described adequately--not even in Roget's Thesaurus!"