Tom Eichas


I’ve had a horse in training since I was 14 years old. Started out as a full time trainer as a teenager and raced the Buffalo/Batavia circuit. I learned a lot at that time from great horse trainers like Gary Gregory and Allyn Dentlinger. After multiple winters there I endeavored to Florida to escape winter and still be with the horses. I left my stable behind and went to work for trotting master Gary Lewis and it was while with Gary I learned how to hang up a trotter. I have been racing at Pompano since 1984 and have trained my own some and hired trainers here like Doug Gillies, Veral Bowman, Luanna Beeson, and now Louie Ginesi. These dedicated folks have done a great job with my horses and I’m still learning from their expertise.

I’ve been in the FADC since 1998 and what the club offers part time horsemen thru novices is the chance to get behind the starting gate and enjoy racing first hand. The Club offers racing opportunities and a real camaraderie amongst the other Amateurs. One of my best memories of in Amateur racing was when our Club was invited to participate a challenge against the Maryland Club. We had one race at Rosecroft one day and two races at Ocean Downs later that weekend. I was lucky enough to draw good horses and won the weekend with the most points, but beyond that some of those guys I met in 2002 are still my friends.